19/20th September 2022 -  start at 10.30 AM. CEST
Lectures will be held in English

Get exclusive insights into our technology and one of the largest service centers for 3D printing in Europe. In addition, exciting speakers will also talk about their applications, experiences and expertise around 3D printing. Whether sand or investment casting, material development or polymer 3D printing in series production. What to expect:

  • Updates about voxeljet, latest developments and innovations
    exciting user reports from our international customers
  • Factory tour of one of the largest additive manufacturing centers in Europe
  • Expert sessions (sand, PMMA, high speed sintering, metal casting)

Below you will find more information about the speakers and the agenda.

Agenda - 19th September 2022

10.30 AM CEST

voxeljet Overview - latest developments and innovations
We welcome you to voxeljet AG in Friedberg and give you an insight into the latest developments and innovations from our company. You can expect exciting customer presentations and deep-dive sessions about our binder jetting technology and high-speed sintering.

Rudolf Franz, CFO/COO, Dr. Ingo Ederer, CEO und Christian Träger, Director Sales & Marketing

11.00 AM CEST

PMMA 3D printing for investment casting & lightweight aerospace
Tital GmbH specializes in the production of highly complex aerospace components. In this presentation, Rainer Sabisch will provide insight into how Tital uses PMMA 3D printing for aluminum and titanium investment casting and how this can simplify the realization of even demanding lightweight construction projects.
Rainer Sabisch, Director Global Application Engineering - TITAL GmbH

12.00 AM CEST

Our journey into 3D printed castings
The British foundry Brafe Engineering is one of the most respected in the world when it comes to manufacturing castings from special alloys. In his presentation, Adam Dalby will discuss in depth when on-demand procurement of molds and models is worthwhile and when it pays to invest in your own 3D printing equipment.
Adam Dalby, Managing Director - Brafe Engineering

12.30 AM CEST

Making the Sharrow Propeller 
Thanks to this combination, Sharrow Marine LLC, an American nautical company, has been able to innovate the classic marine propeller. 30 % more range and 50 % more reverse thrust are just two of the many advantages. Greg Sharrow himself will show why the design can be mapped exclusively via 3D printing in his presentation.

Greg Sharrow, President/CEO - Sharrow Marine LLC

14.00 PM CEST

Workshop High Speed Sintering
Would you like to learn more about our polymer 3D printing and high speed sintering technology? Then you better not miss this workshop. From the possibilities of material qualification, our offers in on demand 3D printing, our polymer printer portfolio to automation possibilities, we will give you all the answers here.

James Reeves, Global Director of Polymer Sintering (HSS) - voxeljet AG

14.45 PM CEST

Workshop PMMA
When it comes to producing filigree castings with depth of detail and high precision, our 3D-printed PMMA models are the material of choice. With the best properties for the investment casting process, the material set enjoys great popularity, even outside the technical and artistic casting scene, in architecture and the film industry. Learn everything about our PMMA 3D printing here.

Johanna Tesfu, Manager On Demand Printing Global - voxeljet AG

16.00 PM CEST

Workshop Sand
It all started with the additive manufacturing of sand molds and cores. Today, our sand 3D printing is used all over the world and in a wide variety of industries. In this presentation, learn all about our solutions for 3D printing of molds and cores, our specialty sands and our extensive portfolio of 3D printers.

Florian Rauscher, Manager On Demand Printing - voxeljet AG

16.45 PM CEST

Workshop Casting
For the production of castings, we work closely with trusted and experienced partners from the foundry industry and are happy to help you realize your projects quickly, economically and according to German quality standards. Learn all about our solutions for complete castings in this presentation.

Martin Haugg - Manager Business Development - voxeljet AG

Agenda - 20th September 2022

09.30 AM CEST

How to become scandinavians fastest foundry - Sand 3D printing on a VX2000
14 years ago, Ville Moilanen was Sales Manager at voxeljet and, among other things, oversaw the establishment of our service center. Today, he operates one of the most modern and fastest foundries in Scandinavia with Hetitec Oy and delivers ready-to-install castings within a week. In this presentation, Ville Moilanen explains how he manages this.

Ville Moilanen, International Sales, Founder and Chairman of the board, Hetitec Oy

10.30 AM CEST

Developing, qualifying and upscaling - flexible TPU qualification via HSS
What does it take to qualify a new set of materials for 3D printing? In this presentation, Lu Wang from Covestro, one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech polymer materials, will holistically outline the workflow of material development and qualification, all the way to scaling up for industrial additive manufacturing.

Lu Wang, Global Product Manager Additive Manufacturing, Covestro

11.00 AM CEST

Large format 3D printing and sophisticated art casting - The creation of the Utoya memorial in Norway
The Strassacker art foundry is one of the most renowned in its field. A very special project of the foundry was the casting of 77 individual bronze columns, which today serve as a memorial to the victims of the Utøya attack in Norway. In this lecture, Peter Mühlhäuser will report on the project as well as its realization by means of sand 3D printing.

Peter Mühlhäußer, Head of Manufaktur Strassacker - Art Foundry Strassacker

11.30 AM CEST

Company Tour
We will take you on a factory tour of one of the largest additive manufacturing centers in Europe. From sand to PMMA to our high speed sintering technology, you will learn about our full range of solutions for on demand 3D printing.

Our Speaker

Rainer Sabisch_Tital
Rainer Sabisch
Director Global Application Engineering
Adam Dalby_Brafe
Adam Dalby
Managing Director
Brafe Engineering
Greg Sharrow_Sharrow Marine
Greg Sharrow
President / CEO
Sharrow Marine LLC
Ville Moilanen_Hetitec
Ville Moilanen
International Sales, Founder and Chairman of the board
Hetitec Oy
Lu Wang_Covestro
Lu Wang
Global Product Manager Additive Manufacturing
Peter Mühlhäußer_Strassacker
Peter Mühlhäußer
Head of Manufaktur Strassacker
Art Foundry Strassacker


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